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The sacred & the human. The flesh & the spirit. As long as we live we will be faced with both. These Christmas paintings have been inspired to remind us that Christ came into our world. All of it. His coming forever changed our human existence. Santa Claus is the representation of all humanity. He represents you. He represents me. Look closely & somewhere in each of the paintings you will find the shape of a cross for its presence is inseparable from the message of Christmas. May each image bring you to a deeper understanding of the relationship that Christ longs to have with you.

— gaye frances willard

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 These books are excellent choices for birthday gifts for the children in your life. Each one is beautifully illustrated & uniquely teaches a biblical truth in a way that young children understand.

“Common Sense Christianity for an Uncommon People” (Revised)

Common Sense Christianity” for an Uncommon People is a call for disciples of Christ to be bold as they live in the Truth. It is encouragement for the soul to those who sometimes feel alone in a “politically correct” nation. It is a reminder that God still speaks to those who will dare to listen. It issues a challenge to His chosen ones, an uncommon people, to be bold…to do great and marvelous things for His glory!

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What People Are Saying

I just love Madison's oil portrait, It's gorgeous! You did an incredible job with the detail on her face, dress, hair, and even the rug. She looks so real! I could not be happier!
Karen, Charlotte, NC
Oh my goodness, it arrived today… It is way better in person. Thank you so much for putting this dream to vision.
Christine, Canada
Hi there Gaye! I just received your package. I am in awe. This portrait is even more beautiful in person. I'm so thankful to have found your work, and I cannot wait to put your beautiful artwork on our wall every Christmas season. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with the world, and spreading truth.
C Phillis, Ontario
This was the best present I ever received . My mother passed away in Nov and I wasn't looking forward to Christmas, but your painting helped me feel as if she was still with me. I just stare at it and sometimes talk to her. It is so beautiful and looks just like her. Thank you so much for a job well done.
Harris, Greensboro, NC
Mike picked up the portrait and had tears in his eyes!!! He is going to present it to her sometime this weekend……SHE LOVED IT!!! Thanks again for your amazing talent!! You rock Gaye!!
Carter, Clemmons, NC
Gaye, just received the pencil drawing of Emma. It looks absolutely beautiful. I couldn't wait to give my wife this early Christmas gift. We both cried.
Peter, Illinois