How do I order a custom portrait or painting?
Send a clear photo (whites of eyes need to be visible for best results). Note any special instructions (Any changes in clothing color background, etc.) Include a check, money order or credit card information for 40% of your total order. Include a phone number where you can be reached if the artist has any questions.

Send to: Gaye Willard
Works of Art
4551 Pierce Lane
Trinity, NC 27370

How long does it take?
After receiving your photo it will take about 8 weeks to receive your painting.

Can I receive my painting in less time?
The artist understands there are special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and will make every attempt to have orders shipped for requested dates.

What is the difference between a photographic brush oil and a freehand oil portrait?
A freehand oil is drawn by the artist on stretched linen. This drawing is then painted with oils. A mounted photograph is the base for a photographic brush oil. It is then completely hand painted with oils.

What are your prices?
Please see our price page. If you still have questions then just call us toll free at (336) 861-4417. We will be glad to help you.

Can I make any changes in a photograph, such as add people or take people out?
Quite a few changes can be made, however, there may be additional charges depending on the degree of changes needed. It is suggested that you contact the artist & discuss any extensive changes to your existing photograph. There are examples on our website which will give a sampling of the dramatic changes that can be made.

Can I send my photo by email?
Our artist prefers a hard copy of your photo as email colors & detail are not always true to the original. If you have a treasured photo, just send a copy that is a good representation of the original.

Will my photograph be returned?
Yes, your original photo is shipped with your painting.

When do I pay for my completed portrait?
You will be contacted when your portrait is completed & be advised of a ship date. You may then send the balance due. Your portrait is shipped upon receipt of the balance.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, but international shipping rates apply, so contact the Artist for details.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds, less shipping & handling, are granted upon return of product in original condition within 15 days. Insured products damaged in shipment must be returned in original packaging. Upon receipt the product will be replaced & return shipping reimbursed.