“The Crazy Mixed Up Kingdom”


In Gaye Frances Willard’s ‘The Crazy Mixed Up Kingdom’, we learn that winning sometimes means letting someone else win. As we run the race to win we must also remember to fight the good fight. The simple complexities of this powerful Biblical truth are skillfully woven together with the whimsical and vivid imaginations of Charlie and Chrissie, a brother and sister crime-fighting duo, their think out loud dog Barney, and the learned wisdom of a retired rocking chair preacher, aptly named Preacher Papaw.

As in her other works, Gaye Frances Willard draws from the vast palette of her life experiences and shares the most intimate of truths.

Mark Bontempo
-Founder and President of Testamints Candy

Hardcover, 8.5 x 11.
52 pages with color illustrations.

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